16 janvier 2012

Consumers Are Demanding Energy-Efficient Technology in Air Purification

Looking around, there are certain trends in how we live that are undeniable. One is that things involving information transfer are moving faster than ever. This is due to the almost zero cost of increasing bandwidth for effective data storage and sharing, created by the internet.

This has changed our lives mostly for the better and definitely shrunk our world by putting us closer together to every area of the world.

The other trend is on the surface more ominous but with a silver lining for the world. This being the weaker economic circumstances and increased emphasis on prudent use of natural resources. Energy requirements being met by fossil fuels is an area where conservation is now generally accepted.

The negative is obvious: costs for these resources have trended higher and they get passed on to the consumer inevitably. The corresponding positive is that consumer goods, particularly appliances for the home, have become much more energy-efficient.

Consumers have demanded more choices in the level of technology and a clear route to more savings in energy costs. Lower consumption by each individual family, has a multiplication effect across the total whole of the economy.

When they consume less, they spend less and the overall demand is lowered which should have a tendency to decrease or at least stabilize prices over time. What we have is a net positive for the individual and a net positive for the whole. This is one aspect of going "Green" that is here to stay.

In the area of the increasingly popular home air purification systems, or Air Quality systems (AQS), the trend is also towards more efficiency and less superfluous use of power.

Air purifiers like the Vornado AQS are now fully energy-efficient and conscious. There are two paths you see commonly with air purifiers and other home appliances like coffee makers, room lighting, and hot water heaters, to achieve superior energy efficiency.

Foremost, these purifiers are built better to accomplish their goal of cleaner air better. For instance, Vornado AQS combines Vortex Technology with advanced use of electromagnetic physical laws (think static electricity) to purify the air with less power expended.

Secondly, Vornado AQS and their competitors in the advanced technology market of air purifiers, utilize timer mechanisms. These mechanisms are able to gauge the air quality needs based on customer desires and have internal timer mechanisms which the customer chooses.

In essence for an appliance that is working with superior performance to do the job, there should be no necessity that it run around the clock at one speed. Your coffeemaker times down, your computer, your lights in many cases, so why not your room air purifier?

Consumers need to be aware that an air purifier for the home that doesn't have strong energy efficiency ratings thanks to timer functions, are not a good buy. They are advised to choose brands where a timer is standard.

Cheryl Boswell is a writer and researcher on products for the home such as the Vornado AQS 500. You can save time and money by getting FREE in depth news features and reviews on this air purifier and the home purifier market generally including discounts and best prices at

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